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Create @your-own-domainEasy Control Panel with WebMailUp to 50 GB cloud storage per accountAnti Spam + Anti Virus + FirewallIphone, Android, Outlook, [+]

Basic Email Account

5 GB per email account

Just for

US$1.00 Per user / month

Essential Email Account

10 GB per email account

Just for

US$2.00 Per user / month

Pro Email Account

30 GB per email account

Just for

US$3.00 Per user / month

Plus+ Email Account

50 GB per email account

Just for

US$5.00 Per user / month

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Correo con dominio propio (p. ej.,
Space for email, calendar and contacts 5 GB 10 GB 30 GB 50 GB
IMAP & POP3 Support
Synchronization between all your devices
Shared online contact book
WebMail platform
Basic SPAM filters
BoxTrapper (Avoid fake emails)
Calendars and Contacts
Free SSL Certificates
Track Delivery

Frecuently Questions

Choosing the protocol of an email account is part of its configuration. Two very common with IMAP and POP. Email providers use these two to handle mail and folders. They serve the same purpose, but there are very marked differences between them.


IMAP, which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, allows access to emails from multiple devices. It does this by keeping emails and files saved on the server instead of on the device. When one of the devices connects, it updates with the data that is currently on the server, downloads it and allows changes to be made from this device.


  • Possibility of synchronizing multiple devices.
  • I always backup your emails on your server.


POP with the acronym of Post Office Protocol, designed for Dial - Up connections in the beginning. This saves the data on the device deleting it from the server.


  • Saving space on the server.

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Each Business Email account has 5 GB of space dedicated for emails in shared hosting plans.

Depending on the type of email account package, the space may vary.

Below you can see the differences:

Essential email account: 10GB

Professional email account: 30GB

+Plus email account: 50GB

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You can access your Business Email from a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Our Webmail is built using HTML 5 & JavaScript and is compatible with all major Operating Systems including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and more.

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You can use your own domain URL to access your Webmail account:


It is also possible to access using the alternative address:


On the login page, just enter your email address and password.

In some cases, depending on the control panel used, the access address may vary. If this is your case, contact our support team for assistance.

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With your Business Email Hosting, you can use any desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express,Mozilla ThunderBird, Eudora, Windows Mail and any other.

You can currently use IMAP or POP as configuration options. Simply use your favorite or the one that works best for you according to your requirements. Do not forget that you will always have the WebMail as a quick way to access your email account from any computer or computer.

We have a guide that will help you configure any email program, you can always count on our support team for any need or question you may have!

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Unlike having a free email account, the first outstanding advantage is that you will be positioning your own brand every time you send or receive email messages.

With your own mail @ domain, if you ever forget the password of your email account, you do not have to worry about losing your account. You can easily request a password modification by contacting support. This offer a greater guarantee of continuity of your online business.

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